Hello and irasshaimase (welcome)! I’m Nicolas Bottari, a Canadian web developer, designer, and all-around computer person. I started Zenbu Studio at the end of 2011, which offers web development and design services, as well as offers add-ons for the ExpressionEngine Content Management System (CMS). I’ve been in “the web business” for over six years, and banging on a keyboard since I was about ten.

“So, what’s Zenbu?”

Zenbu comes from a Japanese word (全部) meaning “everything”. I first started using the name for an extremely useful add-on of the same name, which allows user to see “everything” about their entry data in the ExpressionEngine Control Panel. Usually the first item of an ascending alphabetical order of add-ons, Zenbu was an easy-to-say-and-remember word which got me the nickname “Zenbuman” on some occasions. Since I do a bit of everything when it comes to the web, Zenbu Studio was the perfect name.

“Alright, why in Japanese?”

That’s because I lived in Japan (greater Tokyo area) for 8 years, which was plenty of time to learn the language. Japan is now my second home.

I am now living near beautiful Montréal, Canada with my wife Yukiko, and we travel back and forth between here and Tokyo for business and pleasure. Yukiko often helps me out with the artsy stuff, while I implement the artsy stuff (among other things).

Want to drop me a line just to say hi, inquire about some web work or an add-on I built, feel free to fill out this contact form and I’ll do my best to get to you as soon as possible.

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