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Zenbu MX Cloner

Adds MX Cloner support to Zenbu.



Zenbu Solspace Tag formatting

Formats Solspace’s Tag Fieldtypes in Zenbu.



Japanese language pack for EE2

Japanese language pack for ExpressionEngine 2.x. This language pack is based on the Japanese language pack available for ExpressionEngine 1.x created by Matthew Romaine, with modifications based on new EE2 features and my own judgement (!).


Japanese kana typing

For anyone who types in Japanese, a small extension that writes in romaji (roman letters) in the URL title as you type Japanese kana (hiragana and katakana) or zenkaku (full width) characters in the entry title field.


NB moji limit

Similar to the character limiter plugin, but for multibyte characters saved as entities in the database.


NB Japanese year

Converts dates into Japanese era format. For example, 2009 is known as year Heisei 21.

Dates cover from the Meiji (1868-1911) to Heisei (1989-present day) periods (Meiji - Taisho - Showa - Heisei).

NB Cycle

Cycles through a series of values, which are used within a tag pair

Google Analytics

Adds Google Analytics tracking code in templates using a simple ExpressionEngine tag which outputs the GA code.

NB CSV to table

Creates a simple HTML table from a CSV file uploaded in the entry form.

Any segment

A plugin that can be used with ExpressionEngine conditionals which returns TRUE if a specified string is found in any segment.

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