Henshu (Zenbu Edit) for EE2

Latest version 1.0.6

Works with ExpressionEngine 2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I edit multiple custom fields at the same time, similar to basic entry data in EE/Zenbu’s multi-entry editor?

Yes!. Starting with Henshu 1.0, this is possible. Please read the important details about the multi-entry custom field editor.

I can’t see the Edit links/I can only see the Edit links for certain channels. Why is that?

Old answer: Feature deprecated/Not available since 0.7.0

Channels need to have all their fieldtypes whitelisted before using Henshu. This is due to the way the EE Channel Entry API works, and is a precaution to avoid nasty surprises with custom field data disappearing (because of how the Channel Entry API works) when editing other entry data.

Why do I have to whitelist fieldtypes?

Old answer: Feature deprecated/Not available since 0.7.0

Henshu uses the EE Channel Entries API to update entry data. Some custom fields may expect data formatted in a specific way before saving to the database, which the API may not handle correctly. This can result in deletion of this custom field’s entry data.

To prevent data accidental data deletion, Super Administrators (only) are asked to test and whitelist custom fieldtypes before using Henshu in channels that contain them.

You can whitelist fieldtypes that you are sure do not lose their data if another entry data element is edited. When all fieldtypes for a channel are whitelisted, Henshu can be used for that channel.

Whitelisting fieldtypes is at your own risk and your own responsibility.

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