Henshu (Zenbu Edit) for EE2

Latest version 1.0.6

Works with ExpressionEngine 2

Henshu (Zenbu Edit) for EE2

Click and Edit

Edit. Save. Done. All without opening an entry form.

Maybe there's something you want to add to your entry.
Maybe you want to change that entry image.
Maybe you forgot to fix that typo.

...but you have to open that slow, long, complex entry form in the CP. Click, wait, wait, scroll, scroll, wait, type, save.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Henshu (a.k.a. Zenbu Edit) is a Zenbu add-on that allows you to select, directly from Zenbu or the native CP Channel Entries listing, exactly what you want to edit, without ever opening the entry form.

  Henshu requires Zenbu and ExpressionEngine®. See the Zenbu description page for more information.

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Main Features

Add On-the-Fly, Inline Editing of Channel Entries in Zenbu

With the Zenbu entry manager installed, a small edit icon  will appear when hovering over each entry data element, such as the entry title, date, status, author, custom field, etc. Click this icon to start editing! Save your changes and Zenbu updates the data!


Edit the following directly from within your Zenbu entry listing:

  • Entry Title
  • URL Title
  • Status
  • Author
  • Sticky
  • Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Custom fields (displayed natively!)
  • ...and more!

Select a few entry data elements at a time and start editing multiple entries!

Don't have Zenbu (yet)? Edit Single Custom Fields from the Native EE Channel Entries Listing!

Don't have Zenbu? (You're missing out on something amazing, by the way) Henshu works with the native EE Channel Entries Listing, too!

From the native EE Channel Entry listing, click the "Edit" link next to your entry, select the custom field you want to edit, and that custom field will be available for you to start editing. All without opening that clunky entry form!


Zenbu (1.8.3+) is highly recommended to fully enjoy all the features Henshu has to offer.

  • Minimum requirement: ExpressionEngine 2.3.x
  • Last tested on: ExpressionEngine 2.9.0

Future Plans

  • More elements available for editing from the native EE Channel Entries listing
  • Reduced steps to multi-entry editing of custom fields.
  • ​ Detailed Permissions for member groups, similar to what you can enjoy in Zenbu and Hokoku
  • Inline category editing
  •  Use of a better API for reading and saving data


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