Japanese kana typing 1.0

For anyone who types in Japanese, a small extension that writes in romaji (roman letters) in the URL title as you type Japanese kana (hiragana and katakana) or zenkaku (full width) characters in the entry title field.

Although in Western languages the URL titles gets filled in as you type in alphabet letters, when typing in Japanese only, users must often manually fill out the URL title with some half-width alphabet text, often leading to invalid url titles. As there is a likely chance that at least one or two hiragana, katakana, or common zenkaku characters gets typed in the entry title field, this will at least fill in the url title with something, in case the user forgets to fill out the url title.

* Unfortunately, the way ExpressionEngine handles the foreign characters hook, kanji cannot easily be included in the addon, given the permutations of each kanji.

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