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Zenbu* is a powerful and customizable channel entry manager that enables you to view entry custom fields, entry ID, title, URL Title, categories, author, status, date, channel, live look, comment count, sticky, edit and/or expiration dates, view counters (EE docs), last author, and more, all in one list! It works similar to ExpressionEngine®'s Edit Channel Entries section in the control panel.

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* Zenbu comes from the Japanese word "全部", which means "all" or "everything".

Main Features

Display entry data the way you want it.

Show/Hide any entry data or custom field, and change the order in which data is presented with simple drag&drop.


Zenbu entry filtering rules

More powerful and flexible filtering options through rules-based entry filtering

Similar to email applications, add and remove as many filtering rules as needed to narrow down your entry search, and your entry list will refresh accordingly. For example, want entries associated with Category A and B, but not Category C? Want only closed blog entries written by yourself, that contain the letters "EE"? Filter your entry list results by category, author, status, sticky, entry date, keyword, and more! Zenbu lets you search entries for keywords in specific custom fields as well! The combinations are endless with an easy to use, flexible and powerful filering system.

Add to this a handful of search terms such as "contains", "does not contain", "starts with", "does not start with", "ends with", "does not end with", and "contains exactly", and you can imagine the power that lies within Zenbu for searching entries.

Clients and Developers alike will be thrilled by the ease of finding the entry information they're looking for, without having to visit individual web pages or entry forms. 



Save and label your entry search filters

The search filters used to narrow down your entry searches can be saved for future use so that you don't have to recreate your search filters every time. Searches can be added and removed, and can be labeled for easy reference.


Better Multi-entry editing

Editing multiple entries can come in handy, but not when you have to scroll/click, scroll/click, scroll/click at each entry. Zenbu streamlines the process with an improved multi-entry layout. Group-change entry statuses, sticky and "allow comments" settings with the click of a button. Note: Editable elements are the same as those provided in the native EE multi-entry editor, but with a much more streamlined interface. Custom field editing is not possible at the moment.


Modal windows for Live Look, Matrix, files and other fields

No more opening the entry form or moving to another Control Panel/Template page to have a quick peek at some data. Live Look, image files, and Pixel&Tonic's Matrix can be opened through a modal window right from Zenbu!


Zenbu custom and other field options

Field-specific extra options

Want to...

  • reduce the amount of characters displayed in text-type cells?
  • see Matrix fields directly in your entry listing?
  • control what URL is used for LiveLook within the entry listing?
  • display HTML synthax when viewing text custom fields?
  • format (or stylize) entry/edit/expiration dates?

In addition to the above, Zenbu has a number of extra options for fieldtypes and other common entry attributes.


Saving display profiles for your or other member groups

Don't want to display all fields to a specific member group? Set up what and how data is displayed and in what order, and save these settings for your own member group, or to other member groups (depending on your access permissions).


Access settings for each member group

Control which member groups are allowed to access their display settings and the member access panel, which groups have a channel dropdown in Content => Edit, and who can save display profiles to other member groups.


Easy access to Zenbu from the control panel's top navigation

Instead of the standard EE Edit entries link, the included extension enables easy access to Zenbu from the control panel's navigation under Content => Edit.

Feature list

  • Live Look: If Live Look is set for your channel, modal window loading of your Live Look page. No more redirecting to a separate page.
  • Additional filtering of entries: by sticky state, author, keywords in the entry title or specific custom fields.
  • Quicker management of entries: Checking off entries and editing, deleting, adding/removing categories for multiple entries is more easily accessible and simple to use.
  • Saved Searches: Save your filtered searches and have quick access to them in the future.
  • Change the order of columns in entry listing through simple click&dragging in display settings page.
  • Show/Hide specific columns in entry listing.
  • Improved multi-entry editor: In addition to a clear layout of basic entry data, set status/sticky/allow comments settings for more than one entry at a time.
  • Specialized display for and compatible with:
  • Text trimming in entry listing for text/input/wysiwyg fields.
  • Image thumbnails for images, or link to file for file fields.
  • Custom date formatting
  • Customized display profiles per member group.
  • Copying and setup of display profiles for other member groups.
  • Access settings to show/hide the addon's settings or admin pages for each member group.
  • Multi Site Manager (MSM) compatible
  • NSM Addon Updater support
  • Deviant support
  • Multilingual-ready: Zenbu is available is English, French and Japanese. More languages can be added in future releases (for contributions, please contact me).
  • ... and more in the future!


  • Minimum requirement: ExpressionEngine 2.3.x
  • Last tested on: ExpressionEngine 2.9.2


As of this writing, Zenbu is currently compatible with the following:

Addon name Compatibility Comments
Assets Available from v1.4.0, Assets 2 support added in v1.8.0
Matrix Targeted search for keywords within a Matrix possible
Playa Targeted search based on related entry title possible
P&T Field Pack Targeted search by label possible
WYSIWYG Editors Wygwam, Wyvern, WYMEditor, Expresso, NSM TinyMCE, BBR CKEditor
Channel Images The original fieldtype developer has added compatibility in their add-on. Please contact the fieldtype developer for display issues.
Channel Files The original fieldtype developer has added compatibility in their add-on. Please contact the fieldtype developer for display issues.
Channel Polls The original fieldtype developer has added compatibility in their add-on. Please contact the fieldtype developer for display issues.
Channel Ratings The original fieldtype developer has added compatibility in their add-on. Please contact the fieldtype developer for display issues.
Channel Videos The original fieldtype developer has added compatibility in their add-on. Please contact the fieldtype developer for display issues.
Tagger Tagger 3 support from v1.3.0
VZ URL Extension URL is converted to link opening in separate tab/window in Zenbu
NDG Flexible Admin Links to "Edit" section converted to corresponding links to Zenbu. Must install extension and enable Edit conversion for target member groups
Deviant Deviant has an option to redirect to Zenbu after publishing/editing an entry
Multiple Site Manager (MSM) Relationship/Playa entries on another site (using MSM) do not work properly
NSM Addon Updater  
MX Cloner Available from v1.3.0 - Separate add-on since 1.5.5 as Zenbu MX Cloner
Cartthrob Available from v1.4.0
Solspace Tag Further display customization available as a separate add-on. See the Zenbu Solspace Tag Formatting add-on.  
Solspace Calendar Available from v1.5.0
Solspace Primary Category Categories can be diplayed, but not the category set as "Primary Category" yet.
Pages module Available from v1.4.0 - override for LiveLook settings
Better Workflow Available from v1.5.0, requires Better Workflow extension enabled
Updater Available from v1.7.0. Previous versions needed the zenbu folder to be in system/expressionengine/third_party first. 
Photo Frame Available from v1.8.4
Relationship (native EE field) Available from v1.8.4
Grid (native EE field) Available from v1.8.5

 Compatible with notes or partially compatible
 Not compatible (…yet). However, raw data stored in custom field may sometimes be displayed.

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