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Changelog - Zenbu

3.4.2 Released 2019/08/06

  • Fix: A continued fix to the issue of displaying “No Results” when some were on the way.

3.4.1 Released 2019/07/19

  • Improved: More pagination links are dynamically displayed (up to 10) when viewing a large number of results with fewer items per page (eg. out of 150 results with 25 per page, display 6 pagination links instead of the original 3).
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where “No results” would display while rapidly typing a search, even though there are actual results being retrieved.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the top navigation Edit dropdown would not correctly filter by channel when one was selected.

3.4.0 Released 2019/06/06

  • New: Two new search conditions for Relationship fields: is empty and is not empty
  • New: It is now possible to set default sorting by a custom field.
  • New: New search condition for entry date, edit date, expiration date, and custom field Date fields: between dates with date range selection from calendar dropdown.
  • Improved: Added throttling and ajax cancellation (as axios mentions, based on the withdrawn cancelable promises proposal, which some browsers support) when firing multiple search calls at once, typically when typing.
  • Improved: Too many channels to go through? When the list of channels gets too long a search field is now available to filter down channels names.
  • Fix: Adding a filter row would not update the second dropdown options correctly. This should be more accurate now.
  • Fix: Disabling the Modify Edit links in top navigation permission also sends users back to the native EE entry listing after selecting “Save & Close” in an entry form or bulk deleting.
  • Fix: Fix to an issue where entry dates were sometimes not displaying.

3.3.0 Released 2019/04/30

  • New: Support for the File Grid field.
  • New: Dropdowns in the first and third filter row now supports a search input field to filter out options in a dropdown.
  • Improved: The Author dropdown is now ordered by screen name. You’re very welcome and I’m very, very sorry.
  • Improved: Fixed some small issues with dropdowns.
  • Improved: Added cache-breaking URLs on Zenbu assets (CSS and JS) when using a new version of the addon.
  • Fix: Added polyfill for browsers that might not support some of the packaged JS features. Think IE, which you shouldn’t really be using, even with a vanilla EE installation (see EE’s requirements)

3.2.1 Released 2019/04/12

  • Fix: Fixed some edge case errors when some data isn’t initialized properly.
  • Improved: Cleaned up the result display when no Display Settings have been set yet. A bit more basic entry data is displayed in addition to Entry ID and Title (eg. status, author, and entry date).
  • Improved: Saved Searches and Settings dropdowns now display the label permanently. To hell with trying to add some show/hide animation to this!

3.2.0 Released 2019/03/20

  • New: Better checkbox field support
  • New: Fluid field display support. We’re not going full inception here: it’s a simple display.
  • New: Hooks: zenbu_add_nav_content, zenbu_main_content_end, zenbu_modify_results, zenbu_modify_query
  • Fix: Fixed an issue when loading Zenbu in some cases with no particular selected channel.
  • Fix: Custom Fields that were added individually to a Channel, and not added through a Field Group, are now visible in Display Settings.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with Grid fields where “Show Grid” would display even when there was no data in the Grid.
  • Improved: Minor performance boost by avoiding some unneeded calls/processing.

3.1.0 Released 2018/12/20

  • New: Filter Settings (previously known as General settings) returns with control, from within Zenbu’s Display Settings, of the starting limit, order by, and sort settings. There is a twist, though: these settings can now be saved per channel.
  • New: Copy Display Settings to members groups is back. This time however, Filter Settings are also copied. A feature that is really handy when you end up needing it.
  • Improved: If your channel, status, or author ID doesn’t appear to be set properly in your database (i.e. these items cannot be retrieved because the ID is null or an ID that doesn’t match anything), an icon will display mentioning this data issue. Handy for those troubleshooting sites that were involved in a migration or other kind of data import.
  • Improved: File field support is back, with the option to set the Image Dimension from the available image transformations set in EE.
  • Improved: Added better searching on custom date fields (the native fieldtype).
  • Improved: Main “Zenbu” title is now CSS replaced with “Entry Manager”
  • Improved: Addon top breadcrumbs are now hidden.
  • Fix: Fixed an error that would occur on selecting “Category” for a channel with no categories.
  • Fix: No more duplicate statuses on the status dropdown when “All Channels” is selected.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where starting from Edit => Your channel would not populate the first dropdown with the custom fields of the selected channel.
  • Fix: Fixed the widespread “This form has expired” error experienced by users with the CP Session Type set to “Session ID only” (s) or “Cookies and Session ID” (cs).
  • Fix: Pressing “Enter” on a filter input field won’t submit a form and possibly send you to the CP login screen.

3.0.3 Released 2018/11/28

  • New: Display options for Author: display screen name, username, or member ID. Authors can be formatted as a link to their CP profile page as well.
  • Improved: When no columns are set to display, a message hinting to set some columns displays, as well as minimal entry information. Better than staring at a bunch of empty checkboxes.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue when loading sticky settings.

3.0.2 Released 2018/11/24

  • Works with ExpressionEngine 5!
  • New: Sticky display is back.
  • New: Errors happen. Often, they will be in the background and accessible through your browser console. Meanwhile, “no results” was being displayed when that’s not quite right. Now, if such errors are encountered, the error will be made available and displayed from within Zenbu for easier browsing, troubleshooting (for those not familiar with the browser’s console/web inspector) and reporting.
  • Improved: Tidied config variables to accept an array under the main zenbu config setting.
  • Improved: Default starting limit is now set to 15 (from 5). Plans are to give control to this starting value from within Zenbu, but if you must change this value in the meantime, you can use the $config['zenbu']['starting_limit'] config variable.
  • Fix: Fixed an error that would occur when processing relationship data.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where selected entry titles were displaying unparsed link tags when using the native bulk editor.

3.0.1 Released 2018/10/30

  • Improved: The selected channel in Display Settings now matches the selected channel in the main Zenbu search area.
  • Fix: Fixed possible “Duplicate keys detected” errors in the console when loading “All Channels”.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where an error may be triggered when all items are deselected in Display Settings for a Channel.

3.0.0 Released 2018/10/24

  • Initial release
  • Complete rewrite of the software. Some features may need to be reintroduced or reconsidered in a later release.
  • This version is compatible with ExpressionEngine 4.x.
  • Minimum PHP version: PHP 5.4
  • Recommended PHP version: PHP 7.0+
  • Last tested on: ExpressionEngine 4.3.6

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