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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I export as an XML file?

Not yet, although I’m hoping to make that possible in the future.

Where are the export files stored?

Export files are stored in your EE cache folder, typically at /system/user/cache.

I’m not getting an export file / The export is stalled at 0% (or any %)

  • Verify that your EE cache folder (typically at /system/user/cache) has the right permissions. Hokoku uses this folder to build the export file.
  • See if any errors/warnings appear in your browser console. Hokoku makes ajax calls to build the export file. If you can get the response from these calls from your browser’s web inspector, this is also very useful information. If you have errors/warnings in the console and/or also have the response when the error occurs, please report the error message to Zenbu Studio.

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