Zenbu for Craft 2

Latest version 1.3.2

Works with Craft CMS 2

Zenbu for Craft 2

Zenbu* for Craft is a powerful and customizable entry manager that allows users to view entries’ custom fields, ID, title, URL slug, categories, authors, statuses, post date, and more, all in one list! Search criteria can also be saved for later for easier retrieval.

Zenbu for CraftCMS - Main Section

Main Features

Display entry data the way you want it.

Show/Hide any entry data or custom field, and change the order in which data is presented with simple drag & drop.

Field-specific extra display options

Some fields have additional options:

  • Status: Display status as a dot, label, or dot & label
  • Post and expiration dates: Format (or stylize) the displayed date, eg. Y-m-d or Y.m.d (uses Twig date filter, so even displaying something like Opens on 2015-07-01 is possible)
  • Rich Text, Textarea, input, and similar text-based fields: Trim the amount of characters displayed
  • Matrix: Display Matrix data inline (with height control) or in a modal window.
  • Assets: Display asset thumbnails in custom sizes.
  • Lightswitch: Display switch as Yes/No or On/Off
  • Position Select: Display position as text, icon, or text & icon.
  • More options with some Zenbu updates (requests welcome)

Powerful & flexible search filters

Entry filtering rules - Zenbu for Craft

Add and remove search filters to narrow down your entry listing search. For example, looking for

  • live” entries
  • from your “Blog” section,
  • posted in the last week,
  • written by you (the author),
  • associated with the “kittens” category, and
  • whose title begins with “Top 10”?

Such searches are possible with Zenbu. The combinations are endless with an easy to use, flexible and powerful filering system.

Clients and Developers alike will love the ease of finding the entry information they’re looking for, without having to visit individual web pages or entry forms.

Search filters:

  • Title, URI/Slug:
    • contains keyword (input field)
    • does not contain keyword (input field)
    • begins with keyword (input field)
    • does not begin with keyword (input field)
    • ends with keyword (input field)
    • does not end with keyword (input field)
  • Rich Text, Textarea, Input, Matrix, Assets, and fields storing simple text data:
    • contains keyword (input field)
    • does not contain keyword (input field)
    • begins with keyword (input field)
    • does not begin with keyword (input field)
    • ends with keyword (input field)
    • does not end with keyword (input field)
    • is empty
    • is not empty
  • ID:
    • is ID number (input field)
    • is not ID number (input field)
  • Status:
    • is status (dropdown)
  • Author:
    • is author (dropdown)
    • is not author (dropdown)
  • Post Date, Expiry Date:
    • after date (datepicker)
    • before date (datepicker)
    • on date (datepicker)
    • in the last day, 3 days, 5 days, week, month, 6 months, year (datepicker)
    • in the next day, 3 days, 5 days, week, month, 6 months, year (datepicker)
    • between two dates (datepickers)
  • Categories:
    • contains list of categories (dropdown)
    • does not contains list of categories (dropdown)
  • Dropdown:
    • is dropdown field option (dropdown)
    • is not dropdown field option (dropdown)
  • Radio Buttons:
    • is radio button option (dropdown)
    • is not radio button option (dropdown)
  • Position Select:
    • is position (dropdown)
    • is not position (dropdown)
  • Lightswitch:
    • is Yes/On or No/Off (dropdown)
    • is not Yes/On or No/Off (dropdown)

Save and label your entry search filters

The search filters used to narrow down your entry searches can be saved for future use so that you don’t have to recreate your search filters every time. Searches can be added and removed, and can be labeled for easy reference.

Manage Saved Searches - Zenbu for Craft

Per-user display profiles

Each user can have their own display profiles, enabling users to customize what entry data they want to see in Zenbu.

User-defined custom display using Craft/Twig template code

Need to tweak the display of entry data further? Need to add support for a third-party fieldtype? Zenbu allows you to use your own Craft/Twig code to customize entry display beyond what Zenbu offers.

Zenbu for Craft: Custom Display Template

Apply display profiles to other user groups

No need to setup display settings individually for each user or user group: Zenbu allows you to apply your display settings to other user groups, speeding up Zenbu display setup for your client user groups.

Apply display profiles to other user groups - Zenbu for Craft

Entry pagination and total display

Not a fan of infinite scrolling? Want to know how many entries are in a section? Zenbu displays paginated results (with control over the number of results per page), as well as the total entries found.

Pagination - Zenbu for Craft

Locale filter

Zenbu can filter your entries based on locale, as well as display entry data in that selected locale.

Locale Filter - Zenbu for Craft


Once installed, Craft will display the Zenbu plugin sections in its sidebar. You can change mentions of Zenbu in the interface to the label of your choice, eg. “Fancy Entry Listing”.

Custom Label - Zenbu for Craft

Leaves your Craft CMS setup and data intact

Zenbu can be installed or uninstalled without the worry of affecting your entry data or setup. You’re not “locked in” using Zenbu once installed.

Apply Zenbu display settings to native Craft entry listing

Although Craft offers display and reordeing of entry custom fields in its native entry listing, options may sometimes be limited. With Zenbu, you can apply Zenbu’s display settings in Craft’s native entry listing.

Here are some examples:

  • Add Textarea and Rich Text fields to the fields that can be displayed in the native entry listing
  • Add a status column to the native entry listing.
  • Control how status is displayed based on Zenbu’s display settings.
  • Display more than one category in the native entry listing.

Apply to Native Entry Listing - Zenbu for Craft


  • Minimum requirement: Craft CMS 2.5+
  • Last tested on: Craft CMS 2.6

Any plans for Zenbu for Craft 3? Yes, Zenbu is planned to be available for Craft 3. However, there is no ETA for release at this time.


As of this writing, Zenbu is currently compatible with native Craft fields. Simple third-party fieldtypes may display the content as stored in the database, whereas more complex fieldtypes will provide raw data in a modal window. You can also customize the display of your third-party fieldtype by using the Custom Display Template feature in Zenbu’s Display Settings (Zenbu 1.2.0+).

* Zenbu comes from the Japanese word “全部”, which means “everything”.

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