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Add-On Compatibility with ExpressionEngine 2.8

March 02, 2014  -  by Nicolas Bottari

If you haven’t heard yet, ExpressionEngine 2.8 was released last Friday. Compatible versions of Zenbu Studio’s commercial add-ons are planned to be released very soon.

In the meantime, early tests show that Zenbu 1.9.0 generally works when accessing the add-on directly from the Modules section in the EE Control Panel. Content => Edit and similar links, however, do not. This is due to the change in CP URL format that is introduced in EE 2.8. Hokoku (Zenbu Export) also suffers from this change, and both add-ons will have a fix release very soon. Henshu (Zenbu Edit) remarkably worked without any issues, but a maintenance release will be released nonetheless.

As always, make sure all commercial add-ons (any add-on, not just those from Zenbu Studio) are up-to-date and known to work with any new released version of ExpressionEngine before upgrading.

Follow Zenbu Studio on Twitter, or the #eecms hashtag, for announcements on add-on releases.

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