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Status of EE3 conversion

October 28, 2015  -  by Nicolas Bottari

ExpressionEngine® 3 (EE3) is now available to all. Apologies for having been silent about plans for converting add-ons to this latest version (although I did answer to those who asked).

Zenbu Studio plans to update the Zenbu add-on to EE3. Unfortunately there is no fixed date for a release, but I’m hoping a version will be available by the end of this year.

Zenbu was released back in early 2011. Given the complexity of such an extensive add-on, a cleanup of the old code is warranted at this point. Therefore, Zenbu 2 will also have an EE2 version (briefly mentioned on Twitter and progressing very well) with a few UI improvements and a structure (files and database) that will port over more easily to EE3 (and other platforms).

Initial versions of Zenbu for EE3 will focus on native custom fields, and work will then continue to add the framework for third-party custom field developers.

As for other add-ons:

  • Hokoku is planned to be worked on after Zenbu 2 is released.
  • Henshu is planned to follow. Given the complexity of this add-on, this might only go into spring next year.
  • Kyara will be discontinued and therefore not be updated for EE3, since EE3 should be covering some of its features.
  • Other non-commercial add-ons are not set to be updated, but some may be if the demand is large enough.
  • The Japanese Language pack will take some time to be updated to EE3 as well. This will also greatly depend on the health of the Japanese EE community.

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