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Website gets tweaks, now uses HTTPS everywhere

August 13, 2014  -  by Nicolas Bottari was recently updated with a few tweaks in the layout, as well as in the frameworks used. Of note during the process was how some may complain of a few simple, and sometimes unexpected, changes in software (expected is always better of course), but compared to these frameworks that change their whole nomenclature and way of working at every major version number, which happens every 6-12 months and is not always quick to implement, I say we’re not faring so bad. ^_- now also uses https on all URLs under the domain, in addition to the previously secure cart and purchase sections. This is to increase security even further while you browse the site, not worry whether the page is http or https, and for SEO reasons, given that some search engines now value https sites higher than http.

As always, if you encounter any issues, feel free to contact me.

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