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Moved to New Host: DigitalOcean

August 05, 2013  -  by Nicolas Bottari

I decided to move to a new host, as my previous hosting contract was coming to an end, and the hosting lacked the flexibility and performance I was looking for. I was recommended DigitalOcean, and decided to give it a spin. Needless to say I am very satisfied with the result.

The VPS servers they offer are cheap, very fast, and documentation/community articles are excellent. You also get a fixed IP and a clean/flat design control panel to work with. None of that ugly cPanel/Webmin stuff (unless you want to install that, which you can). For anyone with some server management knowledge (there is no UI off-the-bat, mostly terminal), I highly recommend signing up with DigitalOcean. Now working on feels like running a local machine! I hope you enjoy the preformance boost as well.

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