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Small updates available for Zenbu and Hokoku, both EE2 and EE3

November 14, 2016  -  by Nicolas Bottari

A handful of updates have been been released for Zenbu and Hokoku addons. EE2 users will be happy to hear the EE2 versions of these addons have also received some updates, and a copy is available within the EE3 version of the addon. Here’s a quick summary of the changes:

Zenbu (EE2)

Some issues with displaying the Cartthrob Order Items table in Zenbu have been resolved.

Zenbu 2.1.2 (EE3)

Similar fixes as the above have been made available for Zenbu 2.1.2.

Hokoku 1.3.1 (EE2)

Hokoku 1 suffered from an issue with filenames in which filenames set up with date/time variables that would change over time (eg. %s) would create many small export files instead of the expected one big export file. Hokoku 2 has this resolved from release but now this is also resolved in Hokoku 1. Hokoku 1.3.1 now also contains additional export options for the CartThrob Order Items table. Handy to export those fieldtype tables into something more human-readable.

Hokoku 2.1.0 (EE3)

Hokoku 2.1.0 receives the same export options for the CartThrob Order Items table as above.

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