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Hokoku 1.2.0 - Custom Export Options and Batch Size Control

June 24, 2014  -  by Nicolas Bottari

Hokoku 1.2.0 has been released with two new features:

Custom Export Options

Need data exported in a different format than what is displayed in Zenbu? Hokoku now comes with additional options for exporting data. These are per-export profile, per-fieldtype settings.

Hokoku Extra Export Options

Want to extend or customize the exported data further? Add options specific to your 3rd-party fieldtype? Developer documentation is also available. Those familiar with adding Zenbu support should feel right at home.

Batch Size Control

Before 1.2.0, Hokoku was hard-coded to export entries in batches of 100 entries when more than 100 entries were to be exported. Depending on your EE and server setup, this either led to a performance hit or resources running out (eg. out-of-memory errors). In other cases on servers with plenty of resources, batches of 100 entries on an export containing thousands of entries could take time to complete. You now have the option to control how many entries are included in a batch.

Export Batch Size Control

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