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Henshu (Zenbu Edit) v1.0 announced with new feature: multi-entry custom field editing

July 10, 2014  -  by Nicolas Bottari

One year ago, an idea was brought to the world to find a way to edit entry data without having to load that slow entry form. Today, Henshu reaches its initial goals and is mature enough to be version 1.0.

The BIG feature this time is multi-entry custom field editing, a very often requested function which allows to set a custom field value across multiple entries at once. Before this feature, there was no simple way, short of occasionally running complex MySQL commands, to affect the content of custom fields across multiple entries. The multi-entry custom field editing feature is described in detail in the documentation.

I hope you enjoy this latest version and that it saves you times when managing your entry data. Omedetou Henshu!

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