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Zenbu for Craft reaches 1.0.0

October 27, 2016  -  by Nicolas Bottari

It was time to promote Zenbu for Craft to the 1.x branch, and it totally deserves it. The awaited 1.0.0 version has a number of backend improvements, in particular the use of Vue.js for some of the form interactions which enable some complex search form behaviours. This should iron out some of the more rare UI issues when using a search form as complex as Zenbu.

In addition, Vue.js makes it easier to add some often requested features, some of which go as far back as the EE version of Zenbu:

  • A dropdown of options when searching a dropdown field
  • A dropdown of options when searching a radio buttons field
  • An yes/on | no/off dropdown when searching lightswitch fields
  • A dropdown of position options when searching position select fields
  • A dropdown of authors when searching for an author (much better than trying to guess the name of the author by typing)
  • Search by locale in Craft. Sections with locales enabled will display a locale dropdown to let you filter and display by the selected locale.

Another handy addition is the ability to apply Zenbu’s display settings to the native Craft entry listing, for those who want the display flexibility of Zenbu, but still want to stick to the native Craft entry listing.

But what about [insert feature here]?

This is only the beginning. One big-ticket item is to add the ability to better handle 3rd-party and less-known/unknown fieldtypes (there’s an undocumented hook that can be used in a pinch but something better should be available). This should be next in line. More performance improvements are also to come. Other fields may see additional options and improved search interfaces as well. Finally, bulk handling of entries is still another feature that many, including myself, would like to see. Of course, I’m always open to hearing about your feature request as well.

To know more about Zenbu

The main Zenbu for Craft page has also been updated with more straight-to-the-point listing of features. Videos should make their way there as well.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased, tested, reported bugs for, and praised Zenbu. Look forward to that little badge shining in the Craft Control Panel again in the near future!

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