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Zenbu for Craft Template Recipe: Tidying up columns

Here’s a handy use for Zenbu’s custom display templates for those who have many columns to display and would like to tidy up the entry listing view by “merging” a few pieces of data into one column.

Let’s say you want to get rid of the section, post date, author and ID columns, but still want to be able to view this information in Zenbu. Disable the display of these column in Zenbu’s Display Settings and add this code to your title’s column custom template textarea:

<span class="zenbuLabel">{{entry.section}}</span>

<a href="{{entry.getCpEditUrl()}}">{{entry.title}}</a> <span class="zenbuEntryId">#{{entry.id}}</span><br />

— <em>{{entry.getAuthor()}}</em> on {{entry.postDate|date('Y-m-d')}}

    font-size: 80%;
    opacity: 0.8;

    padding: 2px 5px;
    background: #aaa;
    color: #fff;
    border-radius: 3px;
    font-size: 80%;

Save these settings, and you now have a single column containing your entry data, and a leaner total number of columns! Here’s an example of the result:

Zenbu for Craft - Custom Template Compact View

Short URL: https://zenb.us/z5Ee

January 06, 2017  -  by Nicolas Bottari

Coming soon to Zenbu for Craft: user-defined custom display

Zenbu already comes in very handy for viewing entry data in CraftCMS, but here’s a feature that I wanted available for a long time: user-defined custom displays for columns.

Although Zenbu offers a number of customizations to your entry listing, two common requests I’ve received were

  • the ability to tweak the display of data in a specific way.
  • support for a particular custom fieldtype.

Tweaking the display of data is often requested to cater to a specific need for a client of developer. Sometimes this customization doesn’t benefit all users and doesn’t get added to Zenbu’s core updates. Custom fieldtype support and display isn’t always possible as well given the number of fieldtypes available: Zenbu may never be able to cover all present (and future!) fields. On ExpressionEngine® this was mitigated with hooks and documentation for third-party developers to add Zenbu support. For Craft there’s something better coming soon.

Customize your column display using your own Craft/Twig code

Zenbu will support Custom Display Templates for each column, enabling you to modify column display beyond what Zenbu offers by default simply by adding some Craft/Twig template code.

Here’s a simple example: the ID column displays the entry ID, but if you set the Custom Display Template to <strong>#{{entry.id}}</strong>, for example, your ID will display in bold and prefixed with # within Zenbu’s entry listing.

Zenbu for Craft: Custom Display Template

Excited? I am (I will personally be using this feature). I’ll be updating with more examples of what can be achieved with this feature soon!

Short URL: https://zenb.us/z9De

November 14, 2016  -  by Nicolas Bottari

Small updates available for Zenbu and Hokoku, both EE2 and EE3

A handful of updates have been been released for Zenbu and Hokoku addons. EE2 users will be happy to hear the EE2 versions of these addons have also received some updates, and a copy is available within the EE3 version of the addon. Here’s a quick summary of the changes:

Zenbu (EE2)

Some issues with displaying the Cartthrob Order Items table in Zenbu have been resolved.

Zenbu 2.1.2 (EE3)

Similar fixes as the above have been made available for Zenbu 2.1.2.

Hokoku 1.3.1 (EE2)

Hokoku 1 suffered from an issue with filenames in which filenames set up with date/time variables that would change over time (eg. %s) would create many small export files instead of the expected one big export file. Hokoku 2 has this resolved from release but now this is also resolved in Hokoku 1. Hokoku 1.3.1 now also contains additional export options for the CartThrob Order Items table. Handy to export those fieldtype tables into something more human-readable.

Hokoku 2.1.0 (EE3)

Hokoku 2.1.0 receives the same export options for the CartThrob Order Items table as above.

Short URL: https://zenb.us/z8Ce

October 27, 2016  -  by Nicolas Bottari

Zenbu for Craft reaches 1.0.0

It was time to promote Zenbu for Craft to the 1.x branch, and it totally deserves it. The awaited 1.0.0 version has a number of backend improvements, in particular the use of Vue.js for some of the form interactions which enable some complex search form behaviours. This should iron out some of the more rare UI issues when using a search form as complex as Zenbu.

In addition, Vue.js makes it easier to add some often requested features, some of which go as far back as the EE version of Zenbu:

  • A dropdown of options when searching a dropdown field
  • A dropdown of options when searching a radio buttons field
  • An yes/on | no/off dropdown when searching lightswitch fields
  • A dropdown of position options when searching position select fields
  • A dropdown of authors when searching for an author (much better than trying to guess the name of the author by typing)
  • Search by locale in Craft. Sections with locales enabled will display a locale dropdown to let you filter and display by the selected locale.

Another handy addition is the ability to apply Zenbu’s display settings to the native Craft entry listing, for those who want the display flexibility of Zenbu, but still want to stick to the native Craft entry listing.

But what about [insert feature here]?

This is only the beginning. One big-ticket item is to add the ability to better handle 3rd-party and less-known/unknown fieldtypes (there’s an undocumented hook that can be used in a pinch but something better should be available). This should be next in line. More performance improvements are also to come. Other fields may see additional options and improved search interfaces as well. Finally, bulk handling of entries is still another feature that many, including myself, would like to see. Of course, I’m always open to hearing about your feature request as well.

To know more about Zenbu

The main Zenbu for Craft page has also been updated with more straight-to-the-point listing of features. Videos should make their way there as well.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased, tested, reported bugs for, and praised Zenbu. Look forward to that little badge shining in the Craft Control Panel again in the near future!

Short URL: https://zenb.us/z4ze

August 08, 2016  -  by Nicolas Bottari

Hokoku for EE3 released

Better late than never? It was long overdue, but Hokoku 2 for EE3 has been released!. All of the great features found in the EE2 version are back in this version. You’ll need an EE3 installation and at minimum Zenbu 2.0.4, which also just got updated, to enjoy Hokoku to the fullest.

This update also updates the Zenbu + Hokoku Bundle for EE3 compatibility. Purchasers of either Zenbu or Hokoku will get a copy of the latest EE2 version of the addon in their file package. Handy for users who want to hold onto EE2 for a while longer.

Short URL: https://zenb.us/z8ye

April 16, 2016  -  by Nicolas Bottari

Spring Cleaning

It was time to cleanup the site’s backend, and what better time to do this than in the spring, right?

You shouldn’t really notice anything different, however. If by any chance you do have issues using zenbustudio.com, please do not hesitate to let me know by contacting me. I’ll look into shortly.

Do YOU need to clean up or update your ExpressionEngine©- or Craft-powered site? I at Zenbu Studio have extensive experience fixing and cleaning up dozens, no… hundreds of sites. If you need help getting your site back on your feet, let me know. You’ll be glad you did.

Short URL: https://zenb.us/z6ne

October 27, 2015  -  by Nicolas Bottari

Status of EE3 conversion

ExpressionEngine® 3 (EE3) is now available to all. Apologies for having been silent about plans for converting add-ons to this latest version (although I did answer to those who asked).

Zenbu Studio plans to update the Zenbu add-on to EE3. Unfortunately there is no fixed date for a release, but I’m hoping a version will be available by the end of this year.

Zenbu was released back in early 2011. Given the complexity of such an extensive add-on, a cleanup of the old code is warranted at this point. Therefore, Zenbu 2 will also have an EE2 version (briefly mentioned on Twitter and progressing very well) with a few UI improvements and a structure (files and database) that will port over more easily to EE3 (and other platforms).

Initial versions of Zenbu for EE3 will focus on native custom fields, and work will then continue to add the framework for third-party custom field developers.

As for other add-ons:

  • Hokoku is planned to be worked on after Zenbu 2 is released.
  • Henshu is planned to follow. Given the complexity of this add-on, this might only go into spring next year.
  • Kyara will be discontinued and therefore not be updated for EE3, since EE3 should be covering some of its features.
  • Other non-commercial add-ons are not set to be updated, but some may be if the demand is large enough.
  • The Japanese Language pack will take some time to be updated to EE3 as well. This will also greatly depend on the health of the Japanese EE community.

Short URL: https://zenb.us/z6ae

August 10, 2015  -  by Nicolas Bottari

Latest Zenbu for Craft has new features, one is speed

The latest version of Zenbu for Craft (version 0.10.0) has seen its code reorganized to be cleaner and reduce the number of queries needed to display entry data. Development testing yielded an overall approximate 25-to-75% reduction in both execution time and number of queries. Of course, performance always depends on the number of entries and entry columns to display, but overall performance was improved.

A number of smaller, but still very nice features have also been added, such as the ability to hide the native “Entries” tab in the Control Panel, display the section name as a column in Zenbu, as well as is empty/is not empty searching (for simple fields for now).

With the summer sale still in full swing, now is a great time to get your hands on Zenbu for Craft.

Need help with Zenbu? Found something weird? Works great and want to let me know? Feel free to contact Zenbu Studio and I’ll do my best to help.

Short URL: https://zenb.us/z8bb

June 08, 2015  -  by Nicolas Bottari

Zenbu for Craft Summer 2015 Sale

Summer is already upon us (or at least the date says so depending on where you live). Many might take some time off to relax and recharge batteries, and if you’re one of those lucky people, please enjoy your well-deserved vacation. For those who won’t or can’t, maybe you have some CraftCMS projects in the works. If that’s the case and you’re looking to boost the entry searching capabilities of your control panel, why not give Zenbu for Craft a try? Zenbu for Craft is substantially discounted for the rest of the summer (that means up to the end of August). Any questions about Zenbu for Craft? Feel free to contact Zenbu Studio and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Have a great summer, everyone!

Short URL: https://zenb.us/z4ab

April 22, 2015  -  by Nicolas Bottari

Zenbu for Craft released!

It’s with great pleasure that Zenbu Studio announces Zenbu for Craft. For those unfamiliar with the ExpressionEngine® version, Zenbu (EE version link) is an entry manager that displays entry custom field data in the Control Panel, and also allows for powerful searching (and search saving) through these fields.

It’s been a pleasure developing this in Craft. This is a initial release, and therefore not a final release. Although it’s been working very well for beta testers, you can expect improvements in Zenbu with time.

More details about Zenbu for Craft can be found here.

Also, please use coupon ZENBU4CRAFT to get 30% off your next Zenbu license (limit 1 per user, valid until Friday next week).

Short URL: https://zenb.us/z59

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